6 FEBRUARY 2024: Two of ACC’s Feedlot leadership team have been selected for an industry-leading professional development program.

Cyril Makiputin, feedmill supervisor at Opal Creek Feedlot (below) and Liam Martin – feedmill manager at Brindley Park feedlot will join the 2024 cohort for the annual Margin and People Management (MPM) program run by the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA).

They will start the program next month, undertaking four, two-day training sessions with a range of facilitators and visiting a feedlot and processing plant.

Since 2008, the ALFA MPM Program has given feedlot employees and industry professionals who aspire to gain a leadership role a deeper understanding of how to manage a modern feedlot business.

The program covers topics such as basic financial margin management, time management, setting priorities, human behaviour and how to work more effectively with other people, especially in difficult situations.

MPM boasts a strong alumni network of more than 140 lot feeders and industry professionals, many of them now prominent industry leaders.