Our capacity

Spanning 1.75 million hectares of Queensland country, ACC Group breeds and backgrounds up to 300,000 cattle every year. We currently have a standing feedlot capacity of 56,500 cattle between our three feedlots, located in the Roma district, the Darling Downs and the Brisbane Valley.

Our properties and feedlots supply our modern meat processing facility that has a processing capacity of 350,000 head per annum.

While ACC Group has specialised in producing short-fed, grain-finished cattle and beef, we are starting to diversify our supply chain to include producing high-quality long-fed cattle, such as Wagyu and Black Angus, to further service the demands of customers in the premium beef market.

MB9+ develops high-grade, full-blood wagyu cattle. The company was established in December 2017 as a joint venture between the Lee family and Machin family, drawing on decades of experience in cattle-genetics, breeding, growing and processing.


Greater control for greater products

To maintain consistently safe, high-quality products across our operations, we control:

  • breeding operations to optimise genetics, adaptability and productivity
  • backgrounding operations to ensure consistent performance and supply to feedlots
  • irrigated and dryland fodder crops to ensure year-round feedlot commodity supply and cattle forage opportunities out of season
  • grain-feeding operations in world-class, purpose-built facilities to ensure customer specification adherence
  • cattle diets and health to ensure quality, consistency and food safety
  • accredited livestock carriers to ensure livestock are transported safely
  • year-round silage and feedlot commodity supply.


Cattle overview and specifications

We want to maintain an ACC-owned and operated cattle supply chain from breeding through to processing.

We invest significant time and resources into our cattle genetics to ensure consistent, traceable and sustainable supply that meets our customers’ specifications.

Every year, we strive for genetic improvement from our herd. We select genetically superior cattle as parents of the next generation. During selection, we take into consideration our customers’ finished product specification. Improvement is achieved through the use of best management practices and the latest software and hardware technology.

Along with continuing to develop our own herd, our goal is to identify and establish key supplier alliances direct with beef producers across the northern footprint on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Background (grower) cattle

The ACC property group backgrounds around 100,000 cattle every year.

Along with our own bred cattle, we source backgrounder cattle from producers and herds in New South Wales and Queensland to go to our owned, managed and contract backgrounding operations to grow out—providing an unbroken supply chain through to our feedlots.

We welcome the opportunity to work directly with producers and their agents to develop sustainable and rewarding supply chain opportunities.

See our specifications for more information.

Yearling backgrounder specifications

Feeder cattle

The ACC feedlot group has a standing feedlot capacity of 56,500 head. We have a number of programs that, along with our own supply, sees us regularly buying feeder cattle direct into our feedlots.

We welcome the opportunity to work directly with producers and their agents to develop sustainable and rewarding supply chain opportunities.

See our specifications for more information.

Yearling feeder specifications