We are committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our employees, contractors and visitors by preventing injuries and ill health, and continuously improving our occupational health and safety management and performance.

We achieve this by:

  • complying with legal and other requirements including, where feasible, relevant codes of practice
  • identifying hazards, completing risk assessments and implementing control measures
  • establishing occupational health and safety objectives, targets and management plans
  • providing resources, defined responsibilities and accountabilities, training and competency assessment
  • consulting, communicating and reporting on occupational health and safety matters with employees
  • being committed to safety in implementing new plants, equipment and processes
  • measuring, evaluating and reviewing the effectiveness of occupational health and safety performance
  • rehabilitating employees who are affected by illness or injury as a result of their employment
  • maintaining a safety management system compliant with AS4801.


Food safety and quality assurance

We pride ourselves on producing a quality-assured, wholesome and fit-for-purpose product throughout all of our integrated production lines.

A key part of our business model is ensuring customer satisfaction through correct product specifications and food safety.

Through our standards on quality assurance and food safety—that have been developed by our commitment and adherence to regulatory, ISO and customer requirements—we have sealed our position as a leading supplier of red meat and value-added products to global markets.

Our technical team is experienced in quality assurance and food safety management, which endorses our team to perform product and process assessments for quality, food safety and wholesomeness, and backs the traceability and integrity of all of the products we supply to our customers.


Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a fundamental value through our integrated supply chain, and we ensure all cattle are treated humanely throughout the process.

We are committed to meeting all legal obligations throughout our supply chain for compliance with:

  • National Animal Welfare Standards for Livestock Processing Establishments
  • Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals—Cattle
  • Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines—Land Transport of Livestock.

We show our dedication to animal welfare initiatives and ethics through our facility structural designs. This includes embracing industry continuous improvement for best practice standards and adhering to the AAWCS program.


Accreditations and certifications

Throughout our integrated business we hold several accreditations, which require independent audits to be conducted to maintain our accreditation. These include:

  • BRC GFSI Accreditation (Processing Facility)
  • BRCGS Accreditation
  • AUSMEAT Northern American supply chain certified
  • Organic Certified Scheme (NOP)
  • AUSQUAL HACCP Accreditation
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • Department of Agriculture Export Licence
  • Department of Agriculture Certificate of Registration
  • Safe Food Queensland
  • AUSMEAT Certificated A+
  • Australian Animal Welfare Certification System
  • Meat Standards Australia
  • Certified by Authorised Islamic Body for Halal Certification of Red Meat
  • Livestock Production Assurance Program
  • Livestock Production Assurance On-Farm Quality Assurance
  • National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme
  • National Livestock Identification System
  • European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme
  • Australian Rendering Association


Product integrity and traceability

Our integrated supply chain maintains the highest product traceability system. Starting with the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) through to finished product, our animals are traced from property to feedlot then to processing at our Cannon Hill production plant.

This enables our business to fully guarantee to our customers our products’ integrity from paddock to plate and the overarching quality system.


We are committed to our environmental charter.

Our vision is to conduct company-wide operations in accordance with defined best industry practice. These practices are underpinned by certified international standards for environmental management (ISO 14001).

We have deployed a number of business tools including environmental management systems, cleaner production methods and environmental footprint evaluation mechanisms. These systems bridge our internal supply chain including property, feedlot and factory operations.

They incorporate:

  • certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • best practice management plans (water, energy, waste, air and land)
  • cleaner production and eco-efficiency programs.


Our supply chain environmental management also adopts industry best practice for:

  • energy management
  • water management
  • waste management (solids and effluents)
  • air pollution management
  • land management.


Our company also participates in several national environmental programs:

  • National Pollutant Inventory
  • Greenhouse Challenge Plus
  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act
  • Queensland Smart Energy Program.


Fair trade

We integrate ethical trading practices into every aspect of our organisation’s operations. We implement industry-leading corporate social responsibility standards and ensure our practices are compliant with local laws and regulations regarding labour and employment.

We achieve this by applying these strategies to ensure:

  • employment practices do not involve exploitation, or unfair or inequitable practices
  • employment conditions do not represent a threat to health, safety or the environment
  • workplaces have conditions that are safe, hygienic, and non-harsh for all employees
  • employment practices strictly do not involve illegal practices or child labour
  • employee hours are not excessive and are managed accordingly to prevent unsafe working practices
  • we expeditiously and effectively resolve, with appropriate discretion, situations where contravention of our policy’s principles arise
  • we comply with all relevant ethical statutory obligations
  • we periodically review the effectiveness of this policy and modify as appropriate.

Equal opportunity and diversity management

We ensure all employees are granted equal opportunity and are free from discrimination in our workplace.

We have developed an Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Policy, which strongly underpins our culture and management practices.

Its purpose is to ensure job applicants and employees are not discriminated on the basis of their race, sex, age, religious beliefs, affiliations, colour, appearance or disability.

Our policy applies to all aspects of the employment relationship, including:

  • recruitment
  • promotion
  • employee benefits
  • conditions of employment
  • remuneration
  • discipline
  • training
  • work environment
  • supervision.