27 JUNE 2024: ACC has helped a young Queensland researcher using a native fruit to preserve meat.
We provided the beef patties that Michel Beya used to test the antioxidant and antimicrobal properties of the Kakadu plum, a native bushfood.

His research suggests that the plum could be a better antioxidant than chemical meat preservative treatments.

The discovery, undertaken as part of his Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation PhD, established the fruit’s high concentrations of phenolic compounds including ellagic acid and vitamin C, which inhibited bacterial growth and prevented meat oxidation.

“What’s more, including Kakadu plum in the recipe does not affect the taste of the meat,” he said.
His research suggested that the pale lime-yellow fruit appeared to affect the redness of the meat.

Wild-harvested Kakadu plum comes from a tree prevalent in northern Australia.

“Supply is somewhat limited due to the harvest and specific environmental conditions it requires to grow,” Michel said.

“Efforts are being made to increase supply, but as interest grows so does the need for investment in cultivation research, sustainable harvesting and supply chain development to ensure Kakadu plum can meet future demands.”

Read about his research here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0309174023001742