Our core values

Loyalty is at the heart of everything we do. It harks from the Lee family and it is particularly present in our people.

Change is not for change’s sake—we value beneficial change that improves our business.

We value truth and transparency—we need this to collaborate and trust each other, and to achieve our full potential.

We value personal ownership. We take responsibility for ourselves, our relationships, our time management, our workspaces and tools. We are honest and full of integrity, and this maximises our contribution.

We value human life. The lives of every member of our team are of equal value and every person who enters our site should leave our site in good health. Some of our team members have more dangerous jobs than others, and we all work harder to ensure they stay safe. We also value the lives of all humans, including our customers and their customers whose safety relies on this value.

We know our customers keep us in business, which ensures our jobs. We know our customers have their own customers who include our friends, our families and other people we don’t know.