1 JULY 2023: We have partnered with MLA’s Co-Innovation program to bring more data-driven decision-making into the business.

Specialist staff have been employed to enhance digital capability and employee engagement is a project called the ‘data lab’.

The project will improve data integration across our grazing properties, processing plant and markets.

Australian Country Choice’s group manager for sustainability & agribusiness analytics, Joel Bentley, (right) provided an update on the program of collecting and analysing data.

“A key outcome for us was that access to quality data from our business allows us to make better capital-budgeting decisions,” he said.

Click this link for a video summarising our learnings from this MLA Co-Innovation project.

The Co-Innovation program is designed to build capability and transform the Australian red meat industry.

PICTURED: The data lab team (L to R) – Chris Lutton, Lauren Evans, Lewis Habraken and Joel Bentley.