30 JANUARY 2024: Christiano Gusmao came from Timor-Leste to work for us through the Federal Government’s PALM scheme. It provides full-time, ongoing employment that means a steady income for him and his family.

The prosperity delivered by Australia’s beef industry stretches well beyond our borders.

Christiano’s story embodies the commitment and dedication that PALM workers bring to their roles in Australia. (https://www.palmscheme.gov.au/)

Being among the initial cohort of Timorese workers to come to Australia under the FIP Group was an adjustment for Christiano.

“Australia is very different from what I know back home in Timor-Leste,” he said. He reflected on his first day arriving to Australia where he was welcomed at the airport and took part in his first Aussie barbeque saying, “It felt great to arrive knowing my journey working in Australia was just about to begin.”

For Christiano, his work in Australia holds deeper significance beyond personal achievement. “I’m very happy to get the work in Australia,” he shared, “I’m able to support my children and nephew to finish their studies.”

His commitment reflects the broader mission shared by PALM workers – to seek opportunities abroad that secure a brighter future for their families in their home countries.

Christiano (far right) pictured with some of his fellow Timor-Leste workers with ACC CEO Anthony Lee (centre) and company directors (far left) Keri Craig-Lee and Trevor Lee.

FIP Group’s placement of Christiano as its 8,000th PALM worker highlights the collective achievements and dedication of PALM employees.