Our Properties

Our Properties

Australian Country Choice Group operates a significant number of cattle breeding and backgrounding 
properties throughout Queensland. These operations allow the company to optimise supply, 
productivity, natural qualities, sustainability and provenance 365 days a year.

Our company owns, leases and manages 54 Queensland properties - totaling 662,500 hectares 
(1.7 million acres). These properties accommodate around 15,000 breeding beef cows, 54,000 
young growing beef cattle and 46,000 young beef cattle in feedlots to provide 240,000 head 
of cattle each year to the processing facility.

To maintain the consistency of safe, high quality products across our properties, ACC has control of:

  • Breeding operations, optimising adaptability, fertility and productivity
  • Backgrounding operations to improve eating quality and ensure consistent supply to feedlots
  • Irrigated & Dryland fodder crops to ensure year round hay (feed) supply
  • Grain feeding management in world class and purpose built facilities
  • Management control of feeds used in cattle diets to ensure quality, consistency and food safety
  • Accredited Livestock carriers to ensure the safe transport of livestock