Our Processing

Our Processing

Cannon Hill Meat Processing Facility

A truly unique and globally recognised fully integrated slaughter / boning / value add / retail-ready / distribution facility sits on a 40 hectare site located in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane near adjacent the seaport, airport and national highway one. This Cannon Hill site and original infrastructure was purchased from the Queensland government in August 2000. Since the purchase our company has invested over $150 million to develop a purpose built facility that incorporates Primary processing. Further processing and Retail Ready packaging of red meat products in shelf ready format for national distribution to Coles supermarkets.

The Primary Processing facility has a daily capacity of 1280 head of beef cattle or approximately 80,000 tonnes of carcase beef per annum.

The Further processing facility, incorporating stir-fry & diced beef and veal, beef sausages, corned, marinated, glazed and coated beef & veal products, corned beef silverside and hamburger patties has current annual production of over 10 million kilos for national distribution.

The Retail Ready facility (shelf ready) currently cuts, prepares, packs and distributes over 15 million kilos of Coles fresh read meat products along the northern foot print of the eastern sea board.

Australian Country Choice employs over 1200 staff in the management and operation of these facilities. More than 75% of the total production is destined for Coles retail outlets with the remainder being exported to over 24 countries.

The Cannon Hill operation is one of the only beef processing facilities in the world that will slaughter, bone, value add, retail ready pack and distribute under one roof and unbroken cold chain.

Further more, the facilities are USDA licensed and HALAL certified. The operation has also been recognised with DAWR Certification for Organic processing, and Aus-Meat A+ under the inspection and monitoring processes of DAWR.